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[Muzaq] Workaround for Audacity Crashing


At least on a Mac Audacity seems to have issues when it comes to using third party plugins (i.e. AU or VSTs). To pinpoint which type of plugin is responsible for poor Audacity to crash, you can do the following.

I. Locate Audacity Config File

On a Crapple Mac the audacity.cfg file should be located here:
/Users/<your-username>/Library/Application Support/audacity

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[iPhone] iTunes 8 crashs Windows Vista

Windows Vista users complain about complete operating system crashs resulting in blue screens. iTunes 8 for Windows seems to have the following issues, when using under Vista:

  • after connection an iPod Touch or an iPhone to the USB port: complete system hang up
  • CD/DVD drives disappear from Windows Explorer

But Apple already reacted and distributes now a fixed version. This implies you need to uninstall your current iTunes 8, then download the fixed iTunes 8 and install ii.