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[MacOS] PearC Clone Supplier admonishs German Blogger

According to the MacNews.de, the Germany based PearC, besides Psystar the second supplier of Mac clones, admonished the operator of the german blog Caf’é Digital. Café Digital reported about legal concerns of selling ready made Mac clone hardware with pre-installed Mac OS.

For their report, Café Digital used a modified PearC logo and told certain facts, PearC obviously did not want to read in the public. Sadly there is no information about the now censored parts of the Café Digital article about PearC.

We strongly recommend not to use any ready made clone hardware. As all these clone manufacturers are using solutions developed by the InsanelyMac and Hackint0sh community. You may check our EPOS I. installation script – which is provided for educational and for solely non commercial purposes.

If you can not set up a clone Mac yourself, get yourself an original Mac. For most of our every day life’s purposes a (refurbished) Mac Book should be sufficient.

» PearC Germany
» Café Digital

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[e-Biz] A Nasty Conspiracy Behind Psystar?

What might sound like a conspiracy book by John Grisham is reality. Apple obviously believes that another company or even companies are secretly backing up Psystar. Groklaw.net explains that this might be an explanation why a major law firm took this case. Apple’s lawyers wrote:

(..) Apple will seek leave to amend this complaint to show the unknown John Doe Defendants’ true names and capacities when they are ascertained.(..)

Apple seeks revenge and these new claims read badly for Psystar. Apple even added claims for DMCA violation. So the main question is: Is Psystar about to go down, or do they have aces in their sleeves? You may find the whole article on Growlaw.net.

Unimpressed by this current development Psystar is continuing to sell their MacClones…

[e-Biz] Open Tech: The Next Mac Clone Manufacturer

Open Tech inc. – a previously unknown company is in the starting blocks to provide Intel based computers that are able to run MacOS X. We hackintoshed seniors may be irritated by such an announcement since almost any Intel based computer is able to run MacOS X, nowadays.

In contrast to Psystar, who is currently being sued by Apple for copyright violation, Open Tech inc. will not pre-install MacOS X on their computers. As there is currently no more information available, stay tuned for more news…

[e-Biz] Psystar offers Mac Clone (OpenMac)


The Miami, USA based company Psystar Corporation is the first to have a heart to build Mac Clones and sell them. Psystar is selling a model called OpenMac. Psystar obviously managed to put an EFI (extended firmware interface) onto the BIOS of a standard motherboard to emulate the EFI commands in Apple OS X.

The price for the standard model is $400. That includes:

  • unknown motherboard
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2,2GHz
  • 250 GB SATA 7,200rpm
  • Intel GMA 950
  • 2GB memory
  • For another 155$ you can get OS X Leopard preinstalled.

We see some legal issues over there in the U.S., since the EULA (end-user-license-agreement) says, that you are not allowed to installed OSX Leopard on any other hardware than Apple’s. Anyway opinions of german attorneys vary if this part of the EULA is also binding in Germany.

» Psystar
» Psystar’s OpenMac


Die in Miami USA ansässige Psystar Corporation ist die erste Firma, die sich traut, Mac Nachbauten zu verkaufen. Psystar bietet ein Model namens OpenMac (mittlerweile umgetauft in Open Computer), auf dem offensichtlicht statt eines BIOS ein EFI (extended firmware interface) installiert ist, das die von Apple Mac OS X benötigten EFI Befehle emulieren kann.

Der Preis für das Standard Modell liegt bei rund $400, dafür erhält man:

  • unbekanntes Motherboard
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2,2GHz
  • 250 GB SATA 7,200rpm
  • Intel GMA 950
  • 2GB Speicher
  • für weitere $155 wird Apple OS X Leopard vorinstalliert

Sicher scheint, dass sich Psystar mit Apples Anwälten zumindest in den USA anlegen will. Die EULA (end-user-license-agreement) besagt nämlich, dass das OS X Betriebssystem lediglich auf Geräten installiert werden, die das Apple Logo tragen. Ob dieser Teil der EULA allerdings auch in Deutschland gültig wäre, ist unter Anwälten umstritten.

» Psystar
» Psystar’s OpenMac