[e-Biz] A Nasty Conspiracy Behind Psystar?

What might sound like a conspiracy book by John Grisham is reality. Apple obviously believes that another company or even companies are secretly backing up Psystar. Groklaw.net explains that this might be an explanation why a major law firm took this case. Apple’s lawyers wrote:

(..) Apple will seek leave to amend this complaint to show the unknown John Doe Defendants’ true names and capacities when they are ascertained.(..)

Apple seeks revenge and these new claims read badly for Psystar. Apple even added claims for DMCA violation. So the main question is: Is Psystar about to go down, or do they have aces in their sleeves? You may find the whole article on Growlaw.net.

Unimpressed by this current development Psystar is continuing to sell their MacClones…

One thought on “[e-Biz] A Nasty Conspiracy Behind Psystar?

  1. apple es un maricon Post author

    On the other hand. this could also be another strategy by Apple. What if there is no conspiracy? Apple again pretends to be the cool outsider. The rest is evil computer industry, and all of them are trying to kill Apple’s business model.

    But what about the facts? Apple uses normal computer parts and adds a very stupid protection that has been circumvented a long time ago. So they are indeed artificially tying the Mac OS to their hardware.

    Looking at forums like insanelymac you see that there is a market for Mac OS on a PC.

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