[MacOS] PearC Clone Supplier admonishs German Blogger

According to the MacNews.de, the Germany based PearC, besides Psystar the second supplier of Mac clones, admonished the operator of the german blog Caf’é Digital. Café Digital reported about legal concerns of selling ready made Mac clone hardware with pre-installed Mac OS.

For their report, Café Digital used a modified PearC logo and told certain facts, PearC obviously did not want to read in the public. Sadly there is no information about the now censored parts of the Café Digital article about PearC.

We strongly recommend not to use any ready made clone hardware. As all these clone manufacturers are using solutions developed by the InsanelyMac and Hackint0sh community. You may check our EPOS I. installation script – which is provided for educational and for solely non commercial purposes.

If you can not set up a clone Mac yourself, get yourself an original Mac. For most of our every day life’s purposes a (refurbished) Mac Book should be sufficient.

» PearC Germany
» Café Digital

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One thought on “[MacOS] PearC Clone Supplier admonishs German Blogger

  1. darwin Post author

    this is pure b/s. when you not do it yourself buy a real mac. commerical freeloader$ only ripping of hakintosh scene.

    i bed pearpc use chameleon, epos or pc-efi. anybody already buyed one of pearpc’s?

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