[News] Short Movie “Always Summer” Premiere in Berlin

The Berlin underground movie maker Michael Ruf premiered with his new short movie “Always Summer” here in Berlin. After his movie has been played around the globe on almost uncountable festivals (Bogota Film Festival / Columbia, Derby City Film Festival Kentucky / U.S., Max Ophüls Filmfestival Saarbrücken / Germany, International Filmfestival Madurai / India and many more) it now premiered in Berlin’s Babylon cinema’s at the Rosa Luxemburg Platz.

The Movie

An improvisation theatre piece inspires the eloquently spoken Elisabeth to divulge a poignant story about Paul, a man from her past, to her granddaughter Simone. The story deeply moves Simone and she is certain – Elisabeth must see Paul again.

Simone’s attempt to bring the both of them together wrests an uncharacteristic lightness from the perishability of her own life and makes her a dreamer who is no longer able to take compromises for truths and who could not make a greater effort to embrace her own existence.

ALWAYS SUMMER is not only a quest for closeness – full of yearning, disappointments and moments of hope – but raises the question of what is possible when we really thrust ourselves into the beautiful chaos we call life.

What we say

Emotions are basic drives in our entire life and this is basically what this movie is about. It is about the fineness of social interaction between men and women. The actors show that life is a search for moments of mutual emotions, thus allowing to find themselves in a situation that helps us to become aware of reality. A never ending struggle for awareness through emotions.

Although this movie is not real you see how close to reality emotions are getting re-assembled and re-constructed. From our point of view: this movie is a must see for everyone who likes to get moved by movies.

Michael Ruf talking to Friedhelm Ptok – the german voice of Star Wars’ Imperator…

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