[MacOS] Solution to Microsoft Entourage 2008 Crashing


You are a heavy IMAP user with more than one IMAP account and with hundreds to thousands of mails in the incoming folder. After starting Entourage 2008 it tries to fetch the latest messages, but it just shows no reaction, but the spinning ball. Mac OS X’ activity monitor reports “no response”. Entourage has crashed.


Although it seems issues have been introduced after updating to a version below 12.1.7, it is the other way round. The latest update fixes a lot issues, but requires to initialize the IMAP configuration.

What to do

  1. Be fast :-)
  2. Start Entourage and…
  3. immediately open Account Settings
  4. Remove your current accounts from Entourage – this will take some time
  5. Close Entourage
  6. Restart Entourage
  7. Add accounts again

We hope this helps. Enjoy…

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