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[WTF] Did Stuxnet Sabotage Iran’s Nuclear Facilities?

Newspapers are full of speculations and details about this unique piece of software code, that obviously is a work by a government.Stuxnet used 4-zero-day exploits to infect computer networks running with Microsoft Windows. It was compatible to Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The Register writes:

(..) the Stuxnet worm was programmed to probe the hosts it infected for extremely specific settings. Unless it identified the hardware fingerprint it was looking for in industrial software systems made by Siemens, it remained largely dormant.

Experts say the quality of code is very sophisticated, there are nearly no side effects. It is estimated that the costs of the development of a virus of that quality goes into the millions of dollars. It also shows a very detailed knowledge of the attacked facilities.

There are some indications that Iran’s nuclear facilities in Natanz were the target of that virus.

The downside is we suspect this is the beginning of large scale cyber attacks. I don’t think that western Nulear Facilities are safe from such attacks. Let’s all hope the best. This virus is simply a nightmare.



A short overview on the articles published show, that almost all of them cite german security specialists Frank Rieger (member of Chaos Computer Club) or Ralph Langner (Founder of Langner.com).

[News] I am Neda

Ich bin Neda. I am Neda. Je suis Neda. This is simply unbelievable. Neda, you’re gonna be the Jeanne d’Arc of Iran. That’s pretty sure. The wind is changing.

Nothing more to say about this.

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Pictures are courtesy of WeAreAllNeda.com:

[iPhone] Geohot releases iRan

iRan is a tool that makes use of Geohot’s findings dated last year about the iBoot. He found out that in DFU mode it offers a full interactive shell. But it took almost a year to allow execution of non-signed code. The iPhone Dev Team now used this in their Pwnage Tool 2.0 for expanding privileges in order to perform activation and jailbreak of iPhones.

Geohot provides this tiny tool “to run whatever you want at the DFU level. (..) Pass it a binary file, it will start executing at the start of the file(no file formats to deal with).”

We’ll leave it up to you to find out what you can do with this tool…