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[WTF] Did Stuxnet Sabotage Iran’s Nuclear Facilities?

Newspapers are full of speculations and details about this unique piece of software code, that obviously is a work by a government.Stuxnet used 4-zero-day exploits to infect computer networks running with Microsoft Windows. It was compatible to Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Register writes: (..) the Stuxnet worm was programmed […]

[News] I am Neda

Ich bin Neda. I am Neda. Je suis Neda. This is simply unbelievable. Neda, you’re gonna be the Jeanne d’Arc of Iran. That’s pretty sure. The wind is changing. Nothing more to say about this. »… » All about Neda on Wikipedia… Pictures are courtesy of

[iPhone] Geohot releases iRan

iRan is a tool that makes use of Geohot’s findings dated last year about the iBoot. He found out that in DFU mode it offers a full interactive shell. But it took almost a year to allow execution of non-signed code. The iPhone Dev Team now used this in their Pwnage Tool 2.0 for expanding […]