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[Muzaq] imeem Social Media Service

Say, do you wanna listen to musiq for free? Surely, everybody does. But in contrast to downloading albums illegally from Rapidshare, with “LastFM” and “imeem” it is legal to listen to music online. In general both services offer quite the same. What is “imeem”? The one little difference is that LastFM is now beginning to […]

[Pre] Palm Pre to Sync with iTunes

In the beginning there were only rumors, now it’s a fact. The upcoming iPhone competitor “Palm Pre” will allow seamingless integration into iTunes. Thus making synchronization between photos, DRM free music and contacts almost hassle free. Moreover the “Palm Pre” will be organized as a mass storage device. Which means you can also just copy […]

[MacOS] Critical Safari and Firefox Java Exploit

Abstract Landon Fuller reports that an almost six months old Java exploit has still not been fixed for Mac OS X. The exploit allows to compromise the Java sandbox in order to break out and run commands with the permissions of the executing user. Classification This issue is classified as serious as Java applets containing […]

[MacOS] Solutions to Issues with Leopard Update 10.5.7

Applies to You are either running an a beautiful original Apple Mac or a Hackintosh (with hidden EFI partition) The following solution has been reported to work on both systems. Chances are good that the solution might be working for you aswell. Issues You have been using the auto update feature in Mac OS X […]

[News] Wolfram Alpha Knowledge Engine Online

The long expected knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha has gone online. In contrast to search engines full question queries can be used with Wolfram Alpha. Although the engine does not understand language, questions can be entered in normal language. The engine then converts them into mathematical equations and displays what has been found for these questions. […]

[News] PR-Schlacht um Internet-Sperren

Unerwartet ist die Petition gegen die Internet-Zensur erfolgreicher als jede bisher dagewesene Petition in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Binnen 4 Tagen wurde die erforderliche Stimmenzahl von 50.000 Zeichnern erreicht. Nach 9 Tagen sind es bereits über 80.000 Zeichner. Mit einem solchen Echo aus dem vermutlich wichtigsten Medium des 21. Jahrhunderts hatte die Bundesregierung offensichtlich nicht gerechnet. […]

[Pre] Palm Pre Wrapping Photos Surfaced

The Chinese got hold of some Palm Pre wrapping photos. It is rumored Sprint and Palm will announce the release on May 19th, 2009. Get ready for competition… Photos are courtesy of…

[iPhone] Jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5

The team has released a jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5 build 7a312G. It is based on the work by santtiaga from Also Cydia is now working on iPhone OS 3.0. If you are no developer we strongly recommend not to update to any beta of iPhone OS 3.0, because: downloading and […]

[Windows] Update for Windows 7 RC 1

Windows 7 RC 1 (32 bit version) has a bug that might render installation of software impossible. The root folder got setup with wrong permissions. If your Windows 7 is affected the “Windows Update” program will report that there is an update available and will download and install it, if you allow to. The 64 […]

[News] Aufzeichnung der Bundestagsdebatte über Zensur

Zeitgleich als am vorgestrigen Freitag der 50.000 Zeichner Franziska Heines Online-Petition gegen Internet-Zensur unterzeichnet hatte, tagte im Bundestag die Debatte darüber, welche Mittel zur Verfolgung von kriminellen Pädophilen adäquat sind. Per heutigen Sonntag Mittag sind es bereits 66.000 Zeichner der Petition, Tendenz ist weiterhin steigend. Die aktuellen Statistiken zur Petition findet Ihr hier (thx MacFan!). […]