[MacOS] Solutions to Issues with Leopard Update 10.5.7

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The following solution has been reported to work on both systems. Chances are good that the solution might be working for you aswell.

You have been using the auto update feature in Mac OS X to update to 10.5.7. Instead of restarting your system crashs during reboot.

You made a backup of your system before, right? Then Restore your backup of 10.5.6, if you didn’t backup: skip this step and give the rest a try anyway.

Native Apple Mac Hackintosh
00. (restore backup of 10.5.6) 00. (restore backup of 10.5.6)
01. shutdown your Mac 01. shutdown your Hackintosh
02. turn it on again and immediately 02. turn it on again and in Darwin boot menu
03. keep holding the SHIFT KEY 03. in Darwin Boot Menu apply these parameters: -x -f
04. you Mac will boot into SAFE MODE 04. your Hackintosh will boot into SAFE MODE and recreate the MKext
05. Login to Leopard 05. Login to Leopard
06. Download Combo Update 10.5.7 (Link) 06. Download Combo Update 10.5.7 (Link)
07. Ignore the Auto Update feature 07. Ignore the Auto Update feature
08. Install downloaded Combo Update 10.5.7 08. Install downloaded Combo Update 10.5.7

In case there is still something fishy. You may try to repair permissions after updating to 10.5.7, by following these additional steps:

09. Boot with your Install DVD 09. Boot with Boot 132 CD and boot your Retail Install DVD
10. Start Disk Utility 10. Start Disk Utility
11. Repair Permissions 11. Repair Permissions
12. Keep Praying 12. Keep Praying
13. reboot 13. reboot

I hope it helps. If you got more suggestions: don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by our site…

5 thoughts on “[MacOS] Solutions to Issues with Leopard Update 10.5.7

  1. Kjusc

    Applies to native Apple Mac users

    Thanks. I rolled back to 10.5.6 using a backup. and have just applied he 10.5.7 update. my MBP rebooted once and runs like a charme now.
    Very annoying. Sometime I wonder if Apple is interested in quality or in fastest profit? I feel this update is almost beta. Too many ppl report problems… Anyway thanks again

  2. tomasz

    Applies to Hackint0sh users:

    when have LegacyHDA.kext in EFI partition: update will crash kernel panic.

    if done the autoupdate do not reboot!!! give -x on darwin prompt to safe mode. will reboot automatic and then again give -x on darwin. boot now take very long. when leopard gui started: reinstall old AppleHDA.kext 10.5.6 (have maked backup before?!) and reboot.
    all be fine.

  3. X-Man

    Applies to Hackintosh users:

    A good thing is to install update and reboot with -v as verbose mode. You will see exactly what is responsible for the KERNEL PANIC.

    In my case I was using EPOS ;-) with SMBIOSResolver.kext on my EFI partition. The problem is when having the string “MacPro” in the SMBIOS fields it is likely to crash. In my case AppleTyMCEDriver.kext made the system go down on its knees.

    But Netkas just recommends either to enter a different string in SMBIOSResolver.kext like “iP0rn” or just remove “AppleTyMCEDriver.kext” completely.

    I decided to go for a full remove from the single user mode (bootflag -s in Darwin) and until now everything went well.

    Mac OS is a b*tch that I start to love. Anybody here to tell me what this kext is requred for?

  4. tomasz

    10.5.7 crashing kernel panic again and agian. When burning Roxio Toast DVD9 dual layer.

    Crashing after 13 mins? Anybody got hints what can do?

  5. metapapa Post author

    Dzien dobry Tomasz,
    You may pinpoint system issues with the Console.app. As it contains a system log with all information about crashes and notifications. Even with a system freeze you can see what has been tried in the end before the freeze. Kernel panics are easier to understand as the system gives more details information about them.

    You find Console.app under Applications/Utilities.

    Prolly you got issues with the AppleHDA.kext (?) like two million other people (and me ;-) Check the log files carefully for errors like

    • Sound assertion "0 != result" failed in "/SourceCache/AppleHDA/AppleHDA-162.1.37/AppleHDA/AppleHDADriver.cpp" at line 2742 goto handler
    • Sound assertion "0 == fInterruptSource" failed in "/SourceCache/AppleHDA/AppleHDA-157.1.24/AppleHDAController/AppleHDAController.cpp" at line 215 goto Exit1
    • Sound assertion "0 != result" failed in "/SourceCache/AppleHDA/AppleHDA-162.1.37/AppleHDA/AppleHDAWidget.cpp" at line 1358 goto handler
    • Sound assertion "1" failed in "/SourceCache/AppleHDA/AppleHDA-162.1.37/AppleHDA/AppleHDAWidget.cpp" at line 1658 goto handler

    If this is the case check these updated legacy kexts by tmongkol (decent work dude!) (link1, link2). By doing that you may go back to the AppleHDA.kext from 10.5.6. This is not 100% vanilla, right. But will save you lots of time. Otherwise (means if you have enough spare time) check these articles (link1, link2).

    Good luck to Warsaw :-)

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