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[iPad] Israel Allows Import Of iPads (Update)

On saturday, 24ht Israel’s Minister of Communications released a press statement. Israel now approved the import of Apple’s iPads to Israel.

The scrutiny conducted by the Ministry technical team vis-à-vis Apple’s
team, International laboratory and European counterparts confirmed that
the device which could be operated in various standards will be operated
in Israel in accordance to the local standards.

Update: According to german Heise.de iPads need to be used with Hebrew language as regional settings, otherwise iPads might be doing probe requests on 5 GHz channels, which are illegal to be used in Israel.

[News] Wolfram Alpha Knowledge Engine Online

The long expected knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha has gone online. In contrast to search engines full question queries can be used with Wolfram Alpha.

Although the engine does not understand language, questions can be entered in normal language. The engine then converts them into mathematical equations and displays what has been found for these questions.

Wolfram Alpha provides answers from several areas of knowledge like mathematics, statistics, chemistry, medical sciences, language, culture and media as graphical diagrams. It is based on Stephen Wolfram’s “Mathematica” and “A New Kind of Science (NKS)“.

» Wolfram Alpha

[UPDATE] May 16, 2009: There is a Firefox search plug-in now. More information and auto-installation here.