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[PS3] GeoHot Opens All HV’s SPUs / XorLoser Preps Manual

Obviously notorious George Hotz has managed to get all 7 SPUs of the Playstation 3’s CPU under his control. This means although he cannot access the CPU’s root key, he now can decrypt everything that’s going thru these SPUs like datastreams of (encrypted) commercial games. The PPU is higher on the control chain then the […]

[PS3] GeoHot Hacks PS3’s Hypervisor Protection

Notorious iPhone hacker GeoHot has succesfully circumvented the Playstation’s security system. According to his latest blog entry, he has dumped LV0 and LV1 code, thus allowing him to (theoretically) run code on the processor, bypassing the hypervisor. The Playstation’s hypervisor is intended to run third party software (like Yellow Dog Linux) on a virtualized level, […]

[Apple] IBM Manager Papermaster Hired by Apple

Mark Papermaster, formerly known as IBM’s Vice President of Microprocessor Technology Development, got hired by Apple. Papermaster was employed with IBM for the last 26 years, where he was actively involved in the development of the Power PC architecture and IBM’s Blade Server. IBM now filed a lawsuit against Papermaster. They say he breaks his […]

[iPhone] Lotus Domino for iPhone Available

IBM announced the availability of a Lotus iNotes version for the iPhone for every company holding a Lotus license. Eventually IBM brings Lotus Domino to the iPhone. The iPhone iNotes is no native app, but a web front end. This ensures that no data remains on the device in case it gets stolen or lost. […]