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[PS3] GeoHot Opens All HV’s SPUs / XorLoser Preps Manual

Obviously notorious George Hotz has managed to get all 7 SPUs of the Playstation 3’s CPU under his control. This means although he cannot access the CPU’s root key, he now can decrypt everything that’s going thru these SPUs like datastreams of (encrypted) commercial games. The PPU is higher on the control chain then the […]

[PS3] GeoHot Hacks PS3’s Hypervisor Protection

Notorious iPhone hacker GeoHot has succesfully circumvented the Playstation’s security system. According to his latest blog entry, he has dumped LV0 and LV1 code, thus allowing him to (theoretically) run code on the processor, bypassing the hypervisor. The Playstation’s hypervisor is intended to run third party software (like Yellow Dog Linux) on a virtualized level, […]

[HDTV] Blu-Ray Copy Protection Updated

The “Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator” (AACS-LA) has just proactive renewed (updated) their AACS copy protection. New Blu-Ray disks that are gonna be released after the end of april will already use this “AACS MKBv7” protection. Obviously AACS LA’s hope is that it will at least take some time until the updated protection will […]

[HDTV] HD DVD is dead. How to convert your HD DVD to Blu-Ray

english Well, well we got bad news and good news. The bad news is: all you guys who just bought the HD DVD drive for your XBox360 can almost throw it into the next dustbin since it won’t be of much use in the next time. Because (and now the good news) the format war […]

[HDTV] Toshiba about to bury HD-DVD Format

english The german newsservice writes as of today that Toshiba is about to bury the HD-DVD format. Since Warner in january has committed not to produce any HD-DVD Disks anymore HD-DVD was hardly threatened to survive. The decision seems to have been made now by Toshiba – formerly the original developer of HD-DVD. Read […]