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[PS3] GeoHot Opens All HV’s SPUs / XorLoser Preps Manual

Obviously notorious George Hotz has managed to get all 7 SPUs of the Playstation 3’s CPU under his control. This means although he cannot access the CPU’s root key, he now can decrypt everything that’s going thru these SPUs like datastreams of (encrypted) commercial games.

The PPU is higher on the control chain then the SPUs. Even if checks were to be added to, for example, verify the hypervisor before decrypting the kernel, with clever memory mappings you can hide your modified hypervisor.

In the meantime another hacker going under the nick XorLoser has released a more detailed manual of how to use GeoHot’s exploitation files and how to do the glitching.

Besides that XorLoser maintains a plugin for reverser’s beloved Interactive Disassembler (IDA) that contains special PPC instructions for Xbox360 and PS3.

Congratulations to GeoHot. Kudos fly out to XorLoser.


» GeoHot: On Isolated SPUs
» XorLoser: PS3 Exploit – Software
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» XorLoser: PS3 and Xbox360 IDA PlugIn
» Hex-Rays.com: IDA Pro

[PS3] GeoHot Hacks PS3’s Hypervisor Protection

Notorious iPhone hacker GeoHot has succesfully circumvented the Playstation’s security system. According to his latest blog entry, he has dumped LV0 and LV1 code, thus allowing him to (theoretically) run code on the processor, bypassing the hypervisor.

The Playstation’s hypervisor is intended to run third party software (like Yellow Dog Linux) on a virtualized level, thus maintaining system integrity and protection of the host system. Within this virtualized environment arbitrary access to certain hardware devices has been disabled, thus allowing only basic access to the graphic processing unit (GPU) for example.

GeoHot seems to have broken the chain of trust. This means he can bypass the hypervisor to directly access hardware like the GPU with his custom code. Anyway he has not released any further information or proof of his work. But hey, it is not anyone, it is GeoHot, so it seems solid.

We compiled some links for people being interested in the hypervisor protection topic.

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» WeboPedia.com: Virtualization – All About Hypervisors
» PS3News: Overview on Security architecture of the PS3
» PS2Dev Wiki: Details about hypervisor functions of the PS3 and Toshiba’s CellEB
» PS3News: A PS3 Game’s Flow of Execution; PS3’s base AIX

Massive Attack: Protection (1995)…

[HDTV] Blu-Ray Copy Protection Updated

The “Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator” (AACS-LA) has just proactive renewed (updated) their AACS copy protection. New Blu-Ray disks that are gonna be released after the end of april will already use this “AACS MKBv7” protection. Obviously AACS LA’s hope is that it will at least take some time until the updated protection will be broken. But let’s be serious. Hope is something for your personal spiritual life – not for making business. Protections are made for hackers only.

The silent hunter of hidden bytes – the Antigua based company Slysoft already announced that their AnyDVD-HD has also been updated and that it already breaks “AACS MKBv7”. The only problem is: AnyDVD-HD cannot be legally used in many countries, like Germany. We therefore can also not link directly to Slysoft.

» AACS copy protection in detail (Wikipedia)

[HDTV] HD DVD is dead. How to convert your HD DVD to Blu-Ray


Well, well we got bad news and good news. The bad news is: all you guys who just bought the HD DVD drive for your XBox360 can almost throw it into the next dustbin since it won’t be of much use in the next time. Because (and now the good news) the format war between “Blu Ray” and “HD DVD” is over (here is an english Article in the Heise.de newsticker). As of feb, 19th 2008 Toshiba decided to discontinue HD DVD. All this is not too bad.

But what about yuo guys having bought tons, … erm dozens…. erm some ;-) … yes at least some HD DVDs. You could virtually throw them into a dustbin as well or save your money and instead of buying these movies again: convert them to Blu Ray using this guide (Doom9 Forum) provided by someone calling himself “Glen8”. The guide is quite forward but assumes you already ripped and decrypted the disk to your harddisk. That might be the part which is not legal – depending what country you’re from (in Germany and the US using it is definitly illegal! In Sweden or Switzerland it seems to be legal). Slysoft provides a tool for that called AnyDVD HD, which I am not allowed to put a link in here since direct linking conflicts with german law (german only). Summa summarum: we customers are f*cked since not too many HD DVDs have been released without encryption and so ripping and decrypting them to harddisk in the first place is most likely illegal.


Es gibt gute und schlechte Nachrichten. Die schlechte Nachricht: Toshiba hat den Formatkrieg zwischen HD DVD und Blu Ray verloren. HD DVD ist gescheitert. Die gute Nachricht: Der Formatkrieg ist damit am Ende und wir Konsumenten können nun beruhigt eine Playstation 3 oder einen normalen Blu Ray Player kaufen und uns freuen, nicht zu früh aufs falsche Pferd gesetzt zu haben.

Blöd ist nur, dass viele, die nun schon HD DVDs erworben haben, diese sprichwörtlich zusammen mit dem HD DVD Player in die Tonne hauen können. Na vielleicht besser noch nicht. Aber man könnte sie ja nach Blu Ray umkopieren…
Im Doom9 Forum ist vor Kurzem ein Guide (english only) erschienen, der in einfachen Schritten erklärt, wie man das macht, ohne den Videostream neukodieren zu müssen. Sprich: man braucht dafür nicht ewig und drei Tage. Der Guide geht allerdings davon aus, dass man die HD DVD schon auf die Platte gerippt und dekodiert hat. Ein Tool, das soetwas kann, heißt zum Beispiel “AnyDVD HD” und wird von der auf Antigua ansässigen Firma “Slysoft” angeboten. Es gibt nur leider einen Haken: AnyDVD steht in Konflikt mit deutscher Gesetzgebung (deutsch) und kann deshalb auch nicht in Deutschland käuflich erworben werden. Eine Verlinkung auf die Anbieterfirma ist aus ebendiesen Gründen an dieser Stelle nicht möglich. Summa summarum: der Kunde ist hier irgendwie der Dumme, denn: es sind wohl nicht viele HD DVDs unverschlüsselt erschienen und daher ist das am Anfang stehende Rippen und Entschlüsseln wahrscheinlich nicht zulässig.

[HDTV] Toshiba about to bury HD-DVD Format


The german newsservice Heise.de writes as of today that Toshiba is about to bury the HD-DVD format. Since Warner in january has committed not to produce any HD-DVD Disks anymore HD-DVD was hardly threatened to survive. The decision seems to have been made now by Toshiba – formerly the original developer of HD-DVD. Read the Heise.de article here (german only)…


Im Heise.de Newsticker steht per heute, dass nun auch Toshiba die Zeichen der Zeit erkannt hat und das von ihnen vorangetriebene Format HD-DVD in den nächsten Monaten beerdigen wird. Eine nicht ganz unerwartete Entscheidung, zumal der letzte große Holywood Protagonist “Warner” im Januar bereits seinen Ausstieg aus der Herstellung von HD-DVDs erklärte. Der Heise Artikel findet sich hier