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[Windows] Slysoft to Change Update Conditions

As of January 1st, 2009 Slysoft will change update conditions for their products. Lifelong free updates will cease to be offered in favor of an annual subscription. Licenses that have been bought before 2009 are not affected and will still containt the free lifelong update feature. Until december 31st, 2008 (wednesday) Slysoft offers a special […]

[HDTV] Blu-Ray Copy Protection Updated

The “Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator” (AACS-LA) has just proactive renewed (updated) their AACS copy protection. New Blu-Ray disks that are gonna be released after the end of april will already use this “AACS MKBv7” protection. Obviously AACS LA’s hope is that it will at least take some time until the updated protection will […]