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[Windows] Office 2010 to be Available as 32bit and 64bit versions

It seems like Microsoft Office is the main topic during the last few days. Office 2008 for Mac is available for trial download, while Office 2007 Ultimate for Windows is available at a special discount to german students and now even got information about the upcoming Office 2010 (Office 14). According to them Office […]

[iPhone] Microsoft To Mimic iPhone User Experience

According to Microsoft plans to mimic the iPhone user experience on less costly Windows Mobile phones, said Andy Lees, chief of mobile-phone division at Microsoft.  Especially the graphics acceleration makes the software design and thus the user experience more fluid and movie-like. Currently Microsoft is working with hardware manufacturers to make user experiences like […]

[MultiPlatform] Microsoft Live Mesh Beta now online

Live Mesh is part of Microsoft’s new online activities. In contrast to Apple’s MobleMe it concentrates on syncing files and folders from different PCs and Macs. It currently does not include syncing of addressbook entries, calendars or mails. Anyway Live Mesh is free. Microsoft offers 5GB harddisk space that can be accessed using their Live […]

[Microsoft] MSN Germany to launch free Movie portal

The future of video-on-demand seems to begin soon. Microsoft Germany announced to launch their MSN Movie Portal. Launch date is set to November 17th, 2008 (monday) – means tomorrow. About hundred movies, TV-series and animations Microsoft will be offered for free watching. As like private TV channels MSN will apply commercial breaks every ten minutes. […]

[Microsoft] Microsoftstore launched

Microsoft is entering the online world rapidly. Microsoft products are available for download online as of now in selected countries – aka the largest markets. The store is available in the following countries: U.S.A., U.K., Germany and Korea. More countries to come soon. Prices seem fairly the same like when buying the retail versions. At […]

[e-Biz] Wallmart also Shutting down DRM Servers

The next DRM Server’s Shutdown to come The transition is coming silenty, for Walmart it began in August 2007, when they began selling digital music free of DRM. Prior Walmart has been using the proprietary implementation WMA by Microsoft to protect music from copying. With the open letter by Steve Jobs (February 2007), that dealt […]

[Windows] Pre-Beta of Windows 7 to be disseminated on Oct, 28th

At Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference 2008 (PDC 2008) in Los Angeles, Microsoft will distribute Windows 7 to participants of Steven Sinofsky’s Keynote. This Pre-Beta of Windows 7 will obviously be distributed on a 160GB harddrive, which also contains conference notes. The conference will mainly demonstrate how developers can make their Windows applications compatible with Windows […]

[Windows] New Features In Windows 7

It seems the upcoming Windows 7 operating system will include some nice features for their customers. First being a feature to automatically update installed games. Manual searching for patches, bugfixes and add-ons might be finally over then. The technique seems to be similar to the update technique for Microsoft Office. The game update feature is […]

[e-Biz] Microsoft Reacts to Apple’s “Get a Mac” Advertisments

It’s taken quite a long time. At least for the last two years Apple is transmitting their “Get a Mac” advertisements thru the internet. The story is quite simple: three guys are talking about computers and the stupid guy is the one to say “I’m a PC”. It’s taken quite a long time for Microsoft […]

[e-Biz] CNBC interviews Steve Jobs

Jim Goldmann of CNBC interviewed Steve Jobs on tuesday. Steve talks about their new iPod holiday collection, about bugs in the iPhone 3G and Microsoft’s new advertisments. Steve – as always – is kinda simpatico, but he definitly looks a little bit thinner than last year. This video is courtesy of CNBC. Find original CNBC […]