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[iPhone] Microsoft To Mimic iPhone User Experience

According to DetNews.com Microsoft plans to mimic the iPhone user experience on less costly Windows Mobile phones, said Andy Lees, chief of mobile-phone division at Microsoft.  Especially the graphics acceleration makes the software design and thus the user experience more fluid and movie-like. Currently Microsoft is working with hardware manufacturers to make user experiences like the iPhone’s GUI available to the masses.

[iPhone] Adobe Confirms Flash For iPhone

On the Flash on the Beach Conference eventually Paul Betlem – senior director of engineering at Adobe – confirmed, Adobe is actively developing a Flash version for the iPhone. The Flash Magazine reports, Adobe will have a Flash Player for iPhone available in short time, but since the iPhone is closed plattform Apple will decide when it will be released.

In March Microsoft and Adobe announced to license Flash Lite and the Acrobat Reader, so that all upcoming Windows Mobile OS based devices will support it.