[e-Biz] Microsoft Reacts to Apple’s “Get a Mac” Advertisments

It’s taken quite a long time. At least for the last two years Apple is transmitting their “Get a Mac” advertisements thru the internet. The story is quite simple: three guys are talking about computers and the stupid guy is the one to say “I’m a PC”. It’s taken quite a long time for Microsoft to react on this, but now Microsoft put their “I am a PC” ads on the air. On the campaign’s (“Life without Walls“) internet page people are encouraged to upload photos to show that they are PCs, aswell.

In the ad Microsoft deconstructs the stereotype of the Apple created PC guy by showing a cross section of the world’s society. Microsoft shows exponents of (almost) every societal stratum, but introduces them by saying: “I am a PC and I am not what you call hip.” and lets Deepak Chopra repeat almost at the end “I am a PC and I am a human being”. See for yourself here:

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