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[iPhone] iPhone 4G Videos Leaked

More videos showing Apple’s allegedly upcoming new Jesus phone iPhone 4G have surfaced on YouTube… Check’em here: and here: and another one:

[Pre] Palm’s PDK Makes Porting iPhone Games Easy

John Paczkowski of AllThingsDigital mentioned that sources close to Palm told him, Palm’s Plugin-Development Kit will allow easy porting of Apple iPhone games to WebOS. That could also explain how fast Electronic Arts ported “Need for Speed” to WebOS. » Palm to demo porting iPhone games to webOS ‘in a matter of days’ at […]

[iPhone] Apple disallows SDK to be used for jailbreak Apps

According to Apple’s latest update of the iPhone SDK agreement contains terms that explicitly forbids developers to use the iPhone SDK to be used to create applications that require jailbreak. We don’t expect that this will either stop people from developing apps for jailbroken iPhones, as we feel this is a problem Apple addresses […]

[iPhone] SDK released

Yesterday Steve Jobs officially released the Software Developer Kit for the iPhone. US American developers can register here (link) in order to be officially allowed to develop for the iPhone. Sofar for the good news. The bad news as follows: the iPhone Developer Programme is currently available only in the US and A it costs […]