[iPhone] SDK released

Yesterday Steve Jobs officially released the Software Developer Kit for the iPhone. US American developers can register here (link) in order to be officially allowed to develop for the iPhone. Sofar for the good news. The bad news as follows:

  • the iPhone Developer Programme is currently available only in the US and A
  • it costs 99USD (standard programme) to 299USD (enterprise programme)
  • Software to be uploaded to the iPhone via iTunes (via App Store)
  • 70% of the price of an App will be given to the Devs, 30% will be kept by Apple for being so nice to having built the App Store – well thanks Steve that’s really what we’ve been waiting for: another business model adopted from the works of a supporting community, thanks a lot…
  • 3rd party Software to be released beginning in june 2008

And finally: a new iPhone firmware 2.0 will be also released in june 2008. Well, well. I really like my App-Tab Installer and I really hope, it will survive. By the way there are rumors that the Developer Kit has already been leaked to file-sharing networks on the day it has been released (means yesterday)…

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