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[MacOS] PWN2OWN Competition: Mac Book Air hacked first

On the annual security conference CanSecWest the MacBook Air was the first to become compromised (link to german article). The attackers used a not yet known way to get access to OSX 10.5.2 but it was necessary that a user opens a prepped webpage, typical network intrusions did not work. Apple is in the […]

[MacOS] Settings for ASUS P5LD2 VM DH incl. Sleep Mode

So guys you have bought an “ASUS P5LD2 VM DH” motherboard because it was suggested to be working, but something does not work. The following article will show you how to configure the BIOS to make Leopard 10.5.2 working with its vanilla stock kernel. Before starting over please do me the favor and tell me: […]

[Muzaq] Apple to offer Music via iTunes for Free?

english The Financial Times reports that Apple is talking to Music Labels about future models of Music marketing. One of the proposed options seems selling iPods with unlimited access to the iTunes music library. This all-you-can-eat model seems to be a reaction to Nokia’s “Comes With Music” strategy. Read the whole article here. deutsch Die […]

[iPhone] Adobe Flash to Come to the iPhone, though

english Adobe announced they begun to work on a version for the iPhone. When it will be due to release has not been said. Being realistic Adobe and Apple could make this feature an exclusive for the UMTS iPhone at the end of the year. I would not expect to have Flash released together with […]

[internal] Some Pictures Screwed Up

Obviously WordPress cannot handle several pictures with the same name being uploaded. It seems like it overwrites those yet existing without further notice. I think I found most of them but if you still find a picture that does not match the text just put a comment under that entry. This forces a reminder to […]

[internal] Mehr als 4.000 Besucher in 4 Wochen / More than 4,000 visitors in 4 weeks

This is wonderful!!! Thanks to all of you guys visiting my pages. I hope I could be of service. See (almost) current statistics here…

[MacOS] XBox Media Center XMBC for OSX

Yes it is true. The “XMBC on OS X” project maintains a version solely for OS X. It is running quite stable and look well known from my beloved XBox. It seems like the x264 implementation is a lot faster than the one inside VLC. But on the other hand XBMC has for instance issues […]

[MacOS] Solutions to Issues with Leopard Graphics Update 10.5.2

I got to know this issue for the first time when I installed a clean Leopard 10.5.1 to my HackMac and then upgraded like Netkas recommends. Since I remembered the old Tiger times and my bunch of problems with my x1650 ATI (read some hints for the ATI x1650 here), I decided to reinstall the […]

[MacOS] Install Leopard from .dmg Image to your System

“and first for something complete different”: Muzaq… coding or administrating system can’t do without gooood muzaq. Check our latest tunes here :-) This time we’re gonna install Leopard from a .dmg image instead from DVD. The purpose is having a repair and recovery system by the hand in case you need it. My story is […]

[iPhone] T-Mobile’s iPhone Offer in Austria cheaper than in Germany

german only Dass das iPhone auch in Österreich von T-Mobile eingeführt wird, war gerüchteweise schon seit einiger Zeit bekannt. Nicht bekannt war, welche Tarife T-Mobile in Österreich anbieten würde. Traditionell ist Mobiltelefonieren in Österreich günstiger als in Deutschland und so ist es auch mit den Tarifen des iPhones. Laut sehen die Tarife für Austria […]