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[Plugins] Plugin-Alliance 111$ Voucher

pluginalliancelogoOops they did it again… ;-) well, we really have to admit, that Plugin-Alliance aka Brainworx are providing outstanding good plugins at the moment at decent prices anyway. But their regular promotions make them even more interesting.

Check this voucher, as long as it lasts…


The first 1.111 Plugins in May – only $111 each!*
Pick ANY Plugin. 1st Come 1st Serve.
When they´re gone… they´re gone…

Promo Voucher Code:  1111×111   (use during Checkout in the Store)

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[internal] Page Structure, Taxonomy and Categories Updated

This project grew from a little idea. The idea was to share knowledge about things you can hardly find anywhere else on the net. As we moved forward this project grew and still grows. Each day thousands of people from all over the world visit our pages. In the beginning we were happy with 4,000 visitors a month. In peak times we currently got more than 2,000 visitors per day. Thanks to all of you guys.

Anyway, we realized without searching you cannot find too much on our pages. That’s why we decided to change the categories and the structure of our pages a little bit. Also the weighting of the “similar news” has been adjusted. We expect you to find things much easier and faster.

I you like: drop us a line and tell us what you think…


[internal] Server under Maintenance until Thursday, 28th of August

Our provider informed us that their upgrading the server. They hope to get this fixed until wednesday evening (european time)! We apologize for any inconveniences in advance.In the meantime our news-services will not be (fully) available.

Our services will be fully accessible at latest on Thursday 28/08/2008. Take care and enjoy your iPhones, Hackintoshs or your family :-)


[internal] 4 sale: Sunbeamtech Silent Twister Gehäuse mit Noiseblocker EvolutionEQ gedämmt

Checkt mal diese Auktion für einen Miditower der Sonderklasse. Wer keine Lust auf eBay hat (was ich gut verstehen kann), kann mir gerne ein Angebot per Mail ( machen. Ich hänge nicht an der Auktion und bin gerne bereit, auch ohne eBay zu verkaufen.

Abholung ist möglich. Das Gehäuse ist ohnehin sehr leise und gut strukturiert (schraubenloser Einbau der Laufwerke und der Erweiterungskarten, recht optimale Luftzirkulation), aber es ist von mir professionell noch mit den besten Dämmmaten von Noiseblocker ausgestattet worden.

Es ist definitiv ein Prachstück. Nur leider kann ich mir mit Computern mittlerweile die Wohnung tapezieren und meine Frau findet die vielen Apparate langsam nicht mehr so lustig :-(

» eBay: Sunbeamtech Silent Twister Ultra gesilenced
» Sunbeamtech: Silent Storm (Silent Twister) Gehäuse
» PC Silent: Noiseblocker EvolutionEQ Dämmmaterial

Falls die Auktion mal wieder wegen dämlicher eBay Schäubles gekillt wurde,  hier das PDF mit dem eBay Angebot…

[internal] Some Pictures Screwed Up

Obviously WordPress cannot handle several pictures with the same name being uploaded. It seems like it overwrites those yet existing without further notice. I think I found most of them but if you still find a picture that does not match the text just put a comment under that entry.

This forces a reminder to me that there is a comment. And so I can identify the article that’s needs correction…

Thanks in advance