[MacOS] Settings for ASUS P5LD2 VM DH incl. Sleep Mode

So guys you have bought an “ASUS P5LD2 VM DH” motherboard because it was suggested to be working, but something does not work. The following article will show you how to configure the BIOS to make Leopard 10.5.2 working with its vanilla stock kernel. Before starting over please do me the favor and tell me:

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Thanks for participating. You know what? I’d only buy the “Intel Bad Axe D975XBX” as an alternative to that board but that lacks the possibility to overclock… Ok so how to proceed?

My equipment:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 (2 x 1.8GHz)
  • Sapphire ATI HD 2600 XT (256MB)
  • 2GB memory
  • Samsung 250GB

What to do

I assume you know what to do to get into the BIOS. Automatic hardware recognition is almost perfect with some little additions to make vanilla kernels work.

I use BIOS Firmware revision 0702. If you don’t have that revision yet, do the following:

In BIOS set the following configuration:

  • Menu: Advanced -> CPU Configuration
    • Set Execute Disable Function to ENABLED (see picture)
    • CPU NX
  • Menu: Power (see picture)
    • Set Suspend Mode to AUTO
    • Set Repost Video on S3 Resume to NO
    • Set ACPI 2.0 Support to YES
    • Set ACPI APIC Support to ENABLED
    • Suspend and Sleep Mode

That should do. Save and Exit and install Leopard and become happy. Intel GMA 950 onboard graphics supports sleep mode. But I’d recommend using the “Sapphire ATI HD 2600 XT” (see here, how to install this graphics card). Tell me what your experiences are…

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6 thoughts on “[MacOS] Settings for ASUS P5LD2 VM DH incl. Sleep Mode

  1. kpos

    No sleep for me….

    Same config, same BIOS (702 or 801).
    Leo4Allv2 10.5.2, EFI_8, vanilla 9.2.2. Native 10.5.2 GMA950 video drivers with NATIT.

    No display sleep.

    Any ideas?

  2. metapapa

    We don’t have experiences with Leo4All or any other “ready-made” installer. For legal reasons we chose to install with the BrazilMac way. Try to reinstall without the Natit drivers. GMA950 most likely is supported without any additional patches…

  3. kpos

    I removed Natit and custom drivers (the correct way) and reinstalled Leopard Graphics update 1.0. True, I DO get full GMA950 CI/QE support without artifacts w/o Natit (thank you), but still NO sleep or resolution choice beyond 1024×768. Would an EFI GFX string in the boot.plist file help here (or is it unnecessary as my video is obviously recognized)? R U sure that you can get display sleep on a GMA950?

  4. kpos

    Rebuilt on Kalyway 10.5.2 with minimal mods and now the machine goes to sleep nicely (also swapped in a 7300GT). However, it does not come out of sleep. I have read that this is the standard behavior with this MB. What other magic are you doing? BTW: I can’t run BIOS 7.0.2, I have to run 8.0.1 to recognize my proc (E4600/2.4)

    We expect this to be an issue that relates from the graphics adapter. Most likely the 7300GT doesn’t get reset when coming out of sleep. This is a common problem. We decided to take the ATI 2600 (see above) because of this reason. Anyway GMA950 works in sleep mode. Are you sure you got exactly the same MoBo we did?
    kd rgds, metapapa

  5. Aston

    My USB drives aren’t working (except for keyboard/mouse) any suggestions?

    What exactly does not work? Aren’t your drives mounted? What filesystem do you use on these USB drives? More details, plz.

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