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[Muzaq] Sinclair: Cold in Berlin

London based Electro-Pop producer Sinclair seem to have visited Berlin during the last eight weeks. Yes since the end of december 2009 Berlin is full of snow.

Picture is courtesy of Sinclair.

You think: snow? Are those Berlin people crazy? Yes, we are. Snow is kinda very rare here in Berlin, although the winter gets very cold here and temps go down to -20 degrees celsius. Anyway now we had snow and even more snow and lots of more snow for the last eight weeks.

She seem to have taken some pics on her trip to snowy Berlin and used them in the vid for her song: “Cold in Berlin”.

Enjoy “It’s so cold in Berlin, but I’m feeling kinda hot”…

» Sinclair on Rupert’s MySpace.com
» Sinclair on Twitter.com

[Muzaq] Anti-Pop Consortium Live on Seattle’s KEXP Radio

Anti-Pop Consortium perform “Volcano” from their latest album “Fluorescent Black”. Performance has been recorded live on KEXP on November 19th, 2009. Enjoy…

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[Muzaq] Deadmau5 & Kaskade “I Remember” (Caspa Rmx)

Being too lazy to write long stories about the canadian producer Deadmau5, or the incident how he got this nick. Let’s just listen to this track. This remix is awesum.

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[Muzaq] Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” Recomposed in Ableton Live

Jim Pavloff from the Ukraine shows us in 10 minutes how to recompose Prodigy’s classic track “Smack My Bitch Up” by just using Ableton Live. This is really awesome.

» Jim Pavloff on Rupert’s MySpace.com
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» Jim Pavloff on PromoDJ.ru

[Muzaq] E-Werk: Berlin Classics 1989-2009

or Berlin Mitte’s transformation since 1997.

People who were into electronic music in the 1990’s do know the E-Werk rather well. That location has become known all over the world for its amazing parties, and as an experimental playground for what has later been named Trance. The E-Werk and the Berlin Tresor were some of the places were the science fiction soundtrack for the upcoming turn of the millenium has been played first.

Berlin Mitte’s Ruins in the 1990s and today

The E-Werk and the Tresor had a distance of about 200meters. When the E-Werk closed its doors at 12am, people were going to the Tresor for the after hour. Berlin Mitte at that time was undergoing major changes. Buildings were just about to be renovated. Streets and lanterns made almost dark lights. Berlin Mitte was terrain that cried for being experimentally explored.

It was the time where the building across from the E-Werk could just not be imagined as the future german Ministry of Finance. In fact, the  forecourt of the current German Ministry of Finance has been freely adopted by party guests as parking areas. Police men have been rarely seen.

Now, 12 years after the E-Werk officially closed its doors as a techno institution in 1997, Berlin Mitte has changed almost completely. The Ministry of Finance is covered by uncountable security cameras. Major parts of Berlin Mitte are now no protest zones with special rights for police men.

Pleasant anticipation with bitter aftertaste

Anyway the pleasant anticipation was very high when we heard that the E-Werk will open its doors for a retro party with former E-Werk resident DJs like Woody, and Clé.

Sadly, like the surroundings changed in Berlin Mitte with all its galeries and stores that almost nobody can afford, the door policy of the E-Werk has changed aswell. When in the 1990’s there was only a single entrance for everybody, you now got three entrances. One for the hoi polloi, another one for the VIPs, and a third one for so called special artists.

Classic solidarity outside only

Although we like strict door policy, this time some people were not let in, that we could not understand why. We’ve been waiting in the queue for about 15 minutes. That’s quite a short time compared to then. During that period three people from the hoi polloi queue were refused to enter. For us it clearly looked like an arbitrarily decision by the bouncers. And really it ain’t funny to see 35 year olds being refused to get in from 25 years old wanna be bouncers.

While two of the refused guys just ended up lonesome trying to talk to the bouncers. The third guy was with a group of about 15 people, estimated 30 to 40 years old. That group completely decided to not get in. Sadly seeing solidarity like this was one of the rare moments that we really felt classic during that classics night.

Berlin Mitte’s 2009 sociotope mirrored inside

After having gotten inside the holy walls of the E-Werk, thanks to the door policy the social mixture expectedly wasn’t matching the classic times. Among some classic people from the 1990s, there were streamlined gentrified 25 year olds all over, matching the nowadays upper-class Berlin Mitte’s and Prenzlauer Berg style.

End of the story: if you’ve been to the E-Werk in the 1990’s bear your romantic remembrance. You’d better not go to the E-Werk nowadays.

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[MacOS] Recommended Apps: MacTubes


Do you ever wanted to download some of the YouTube videos, simply to have them available when being on the road? Or say: you wanna archive them, because as we’ve seen in the past with several major media services: there will be a time when they don’t exist anymore.

But YouTube does not support downloading their videos anymore.

MacTubes’ Features

This is where MacTubes by mametunes comes into place. MacTubes is an open source project that is freely downloadable. Besides downloading MacTubes also supports just playing YouTube videos. You also can make custom playlists without having a YouTube account.

Tips and Tricks

MacTubes is straightforward, as most of those nice freeware Mac applications are.

The only hint we can give: don’t wonder if errors occur when trying to download HD videos. This is normal. Although YouTube may show that you are playing the video in HD quality, this is not true in all cases. You can see this quite obviously when comparing the video resolutions between the normal video and the HD video just with your eyes.


» MacTubes Download