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[Muzaq] Turnaround – A Vinyl Records Documentary

“Turnaround – A Vinyl Records Documentary” is a a documentary on the recent popularity of vinyl records. Enjoy!!! Created by Chris Axiaq, Blake Hennequin, James Thomson, Thanh Loc DO and Robert Milner. picture is courtesy of AcidPix…

[Muzaq] Vinyl Sales Still Increasing – Even in the U.S.

Although the widespread availability of MP3s in the U.S. leaded to a decrease in CD sales, the sales of vinyls are still increasing thru the last years. In 2011 vinyl sales went 37% up in the U.S. In Germany the situation is different. The CD still gets sold very well. Market researchers suspect that the […]

[Muzaq] Dialektik’s Longterm Project “Spaceship Helmet” now on Preview…

With a production time of 12mths definitely a long term project. Did it pay off? We’d say fu**ing yes!!! Our recommendation: listen and relax, folks…   »

[Muzaq] All Recordshops Worldwide In ONE Map

Check this:    

[Muzaq] Dope DJ’s from Paris: Birdy Nam Nam

Everybody knows what DJ’s do: putting vinyl on the turntables an mix tracks into each other. This is basically the idea of DJing. The four guys Crazy-B, DJ Pone, DJ Need, and Little Mike (going under the name “Birdy Nam Nam”) are moving DJing at least one step beyond. They use their turntables more like […]