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[Muzaq] Vinyl Sales Still Increasing – Even in the U.S.

Although the widespread availability of MP3s in the U.S. leaded to a decrease in CD sales, the sales of vinyls are still increasing thru the last years. In 2011 vinyl sales went 37% up in the U.S.

In Germany the situation is different. The CD still gets sold very well. Market researchers suspect that the complicated copyright situation in Germany is responsible for legal mass downloads being established much slower than in the U.S.

The video is bilingual german/english. Enjoy.


[iPhone] One Million 3G iPhones sold

Only three days ago on friday, 11th 2008 the iPhone 3G has been launched in 21 countries. Until saturday, 12th (means on first weekend) one million 3G iPhones have been sold. Last year it took 74 days to sell that amount of iPhones. Steve Jobs will be very glad about this. Since this makes about 7 million possible customers for Apple’s App-Store…