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[Muzaq] Spotify Launched In Germany

Today Spotify has eventually been launched in Germany. For all german users having registered in other countries via proxies now it is the time to change the country to Germany.

Sadly for new registrants: sole Spotify accounts are not available anymore. Registration requires a Facebook account since november 2011. There is no way around it. Old Non-Facebook accounts will still remain functional.


[iPhone] iPhone 3G sold out in Germany

While the iPhone 3G has just been launched in France (we reported here), in Germany T-Mobile must be quite content, because iPhones over here are completely sold out. Currently it is not clear, when new iPhones can be delivered by Apple. T-Mobile needed to set some thousand customer orders pending.

T-Mobile said they already sold 15,000 devices on german launch day last week. It is reported AT&T in the U.S. seems also be running out of 3G iPhones soon.

[iPhone] One Million 3G iPhones sold

Only three days ago on friday, 11th 2008 the iPhone 3G has been launched in 21 countries. Until saturday, 12th (means on first weekend) one million 3G iPhones have been sold. Last year it took 74 days to sell that amount of iPhones. Steve Jobs will be very glad about this. Since this makes about 7 million possible customers for Apple’s App-Store…