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[Muzaq] Beyoncé – End of Time (AGIJ REMIX) — VOTE NOW

Visitors and fans from all over this lovely planet,

We really need 20 seconds of your valuable lifetime these days. Listen to our remix here:

and support us by voting here:

**** http://endoftime.beyonceonline.com/tracks/2293 ****

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to help us. It takes 20 secs and helps a lot. Don’t let the popish sounds win this competition. It’s time to act now!!!

You can vote until march 13th. Thanks in advance from Berlin :-)

[iPad] Apple Places iPad in Grammy Awards

American actor Stephen Colbert pulled an unreleased Apple iPad yesterday at the Grammy Awards to read the list of nominees. Colbert said

“I’m sorry where’s the list. Oh, I know! It’s on my iPad. Jay-z, did you not get one of these in your gift bag? Am I cooler than you?

This product placement seems to have happened last minute, as you can tell from the reaction of Colbert’s wife. When asking her with a tongue-in-cheek:

Hunnie, Hunnie, does this make me look cool?

She just disapproves by shaking her head.

Anyway this is psychologically a brilliant step by Apple – as it generates demand for the iPad among the most important multiplier target group – the celebrities.

Enjoy the vid…

Via iClarified.com