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[e-Biz] Sony to offer Copy Protected DivX Movies online

Sony – one of the leading companies in nowadays media world – announced to offer movies for direct download. Sony Pictures and Television International (SPTI) will use the DivX codec in combination with a copy protected container. Currently it is not known in which countries this service will be established. Wait a sec… can this […]

[MacOS] Trojan horse uses MacOS X ARD vulnerability

Last week we reported about the vulnerability of the Apple Remote Desktop (read here). Now Brian Krebs of the Washington Post (read here) found out that readymade scripts are available yet on the net. The scripts are compiled into an exploit tool called “Applescript Trojan Horse Template”. The scripts allow any user to run programs […]

[MacOS] Rumors about EFI-X Prices and Shipping date

The EFI-X thing turns into quite a never ending story (see our recent reports here and here). So although june, 23rd – originally announced EFI-X release date – has passed by without any astonishing news on the EFI-X website, there have been some rumors in forums. Forums tell EFI-X will be priced at 80€ (~125USD). […]

[Berlin] Big Brother is Watching us Berlin People

In Germany the Berlin Police admits having wiretapped 1,100 telephone mainlines in 2007, thus they listened to 1million phone calls. In 2006 only 540 mainlines have been tapped. The main entertained suspicion for eavesdropping was drug related crime. The police explains that a large number like 1,100 mainlines was necessary, because the 500 assumed suspects […]

[e-Biz] Nokia strikes back

Nokia – the market leader in cell phone industry – is about to challenge Google. Wait a sec? Google? Yes, Google. The keyword is “mobile internet”. It is expected that in the near future more people will go online using their mobile devices than using a computer at home. Google therefore heavily pushes their cell […]

[Muzaq] iPod as Digital Recorder

The iPod is (one of) the best sold portable music devices. Consumers are very glad about the easy to use interface, though music professionals are not. The iPods simply lacks recording features… Lacks? No lacked… Because this is now over due to Alesis’ ProTrack announcement. The Alesis ProTrack is a “stereo handheld digital recorder for […]

[MacOS] releases compatibility list

Update jan 01, 2009: EFI software solution called EPOS available for free… Update june 26, 2008: read latest news about EFI-X here… We yet reported the rumors about an EFI emulator being put into a USB boot device (read here). The project is called and the guys behind announced to open their shop tomorrow. […]

[iPhone] iPhones to be sold without contracts in Italy

Rumors tell Vodafone will sell the iPhone without having the customer to sign a contract there. Prices vary between 499€ (8GB version) and 569€ (16GB). Seems like the new iPhones will be exported from Italy into the rest of the world then. Or better: get yourself a connection to Italy. We expect first prices on […]

[MacOS] Root Exploit in Apple Remote Desktop (ARD)

Update 26.06.2008: read latest news about this exploit here… Abstract Intego reports (read details here) a “bug” in Apple’s Remote Desktop (ARD) application. In short: the ARD Agent runs AppleScripts always with root privileges. Now, when you put shell-commands into that AppleScript they are executed as “root”. ARD doesn’t require any admin/root password to do […]

[Muzaq] Experiences with In-Earphones AKG K 324 P

The problem with the manufacturer equipped iPod earphones You know the situation: you got an iPod, but the earphones sound so horrible that you wonder why Apple still includes them in the packages. So you go to the store and buy some very nice in-earphones – like the AKG K 324 P ones. AKG’s K […]