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[Muzaq] Experiences with In-Earphones AKG K 324 P

The problem with the manufacturer equipped iPod earphones

You know the situation: you got an iPod, but the earphones sound so horrible that you wonder why Apple still includes them in the packages. So you go to the store and buy some very nice in-earphones – like the AKG K 324 P ones.

AKG’s K 324 P in-earphones

Everybody who’s into (making) music uses AKG. AKG simply assembles the best head- and earphones. Overall the K 324 P in-earphones sound outstanding clear. It in no way a comparison to the original Apple equipped earphones. Those simply sound horrible. In the case of the K 324 P the sound is a bit too much bass-accentuated, but this is typical for in-earphones and it can simply be adjusted from within the iPod.

For people who are not used to use in-earphones this is quite new, but after finding out how to plug them into the ears, you will never miss that amazing sound again. The K 324 P comes equipped with three different sizes of earpads (l=large, m=medium and s=small) to match the actual size of your acoustic meatus.

In the end: we would say there are no better in-earphones for less than 50€ like the K 324 P.

The issue with the earpads

The good thing is: you can apply those earpads who actually match your acoustic meatus, but this also means you can easily detach them. The thing is they sometimes detaching by themselves. For instance when having put the earphones into your backpack or bag and you try to get take them out in a hurry. Of course AKG anticipated this issue and included a little box for the earphones, but you know it: you don’t always use such a box. And after a while it comes you have lost one of the earpads.

How to obtain substitute earpads

Now you got two choices: go to Thomann and try to buy them (they are getting sold for 2,50€/item – which really can only be a joke for this little plastic) or try something else.

We tried something else. We simply called the german distributor Audio Pro (helpdesk for AKG products +49.(0)7131.2636-492). And a very polite woman named Heike Kubicki asked us how she may help us. We really wondered since politeness is not too typical for Germany. We told her, we lost one of these earpads and how to obtain substitutes. And guess what she said: “No problem, I will send them to your place FOR FREE. Please tell me your address and I will send you 2 pairs of your actual size”…

And what do you think? We think this is grade A++ for one of the best support hotlines having had to call during the last years. We swear we’ll never buy any other head- or earphones but AKG!!! Outstanding…