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[iPhone] Recommended Apps: Cycorder

Ever wanted to do some video recording with your iPhone? With Cycorder waiting is now over. Cycorder’s features as follows:

  • imho best recording quality on iPhone
  • 6-15 frames/sec
  • resolution 384×288 / 4:3 aspect ratio
  • mjpeg compression

We feel this app is really fun and we really use it a lot.

Requirements: Your iPhone has to be jailbroken (read the HowTo here) and you need to have Cydia installed, because this app is not available on Apple’s AppStore. It is maintained by the Cydia developer Saurik (Jan Freeman).

Installation: is performed by Cydia and is straightforward…


[Muzaq] iPod as Digital Recorder

The iPod is (one of) the best sold portable music devices. Consumers are very glad about the easy to use interface, though music professionals are not. The iPods simply lacks recording features… Lacks? No lacked… Because this is now over due to Alesis’ ProTrack announcement.

The Alesis ProTrack is a “stereo handheld digital recorder for the iPod”. It securely mounts the iPod into and adds the benefit of having recording features. It can capture audio whereever you are and it records directly to the iPod.

It is equipped with two hq condenser microphones, but also provides XLR inputs. Four AAA batteries allow up to five hours of recording. It is planned to be available from audio dealers somewhere in Q3/2008. Prices have not been disclosed yet.

Update: the german technews Golem.de got a picture of that device (click here).