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[e-Biz] Issues with MobileMe again and again and again and…

MobileMe is this month’ Apple’s never ending story of issues. At first it was only minor problem: customers from Germany and France could not cancel their plans. But then too many eMails got lost and Apple needed about 10 days to fix this issue. Then silently the highly advertised Push-Feature got deactivated (see our report […]

[e-Biz] MobileMe: The Rest of Exchange for Us

Apple’s MobileMe – the successor of .Mac, silently changed description of their offered services. You remember the advertisement “Exchange for the Rest of us”? Now Apple decided to remove the notion “Push-Service” of MobileMe and replaced it with the notion “Synchronization”. Instead of being pushed instantly, data will now be synchronized every 15 minutes. That […]

[MacOS] Integrate Mac Address Book into Thunderbird

I. Abstract Mozilla Thunderbird 3 alpha has been released on May 13th. It’s got a wonderful (terrible) working title: “Shredder Alpha 1”. Anyway, there are two features that we Mac users definitly appreciate to read: Thunderbird’s address book is now compatible with OS X’s system Address Book. Thunderbird now is a native Cocoa application… Well […]