[e-Biz] MobileMe: The Rest of Exchange for Us

Apple’s MobileMe – the successor of .Mac, silently changed description of their offered services. You remember the advertisement “Exchange for the Rest of us”? Now Apple decided to remove the notion “Push-Service” of MobileMe and replaced it with the notion “Synchronization”.

Instead of being pushed instantly, data will now be synchronized every 15 minutes. That simply is not a push-service. Update: an instant sync will still be possible when using an iPhone or an iPod Touch. The price will remain the same (at least) in Europe: 80€/year.

One thought on “[e-Biz] MobileMe: The Rest of Exchange for Us

  1. Beachball

    I really liked the idea of MobMe, but I´m not that convinced of the actual execution. At first, I don´t like having all my email scanned by US authorities, second, I don´t like paying still the same money for something that was announced as an immediate push services and now turns out to be an ervery-15min-sync-service in fact.
    In their excuse, Apple promise not to use the claims “push” and “exchange for the rest of us” anymore. This really sucks. I dont care for their marketing language as a customer, but I do care for the lack of promised function.

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