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[Muzaq] Bitwig Prepping To Launch Beta of Bitwig Studio Soon

The Berlin based company Bitwig has eventually presented some details about their upcoming music software BitwigStudio. Bitwig Studio is targeting at professional and semi-professional musicians for producing and using live.

Features in Version 1.0

In addition to what people would expect like VST support, there seem to be some groundbreaking new features to be coming already in version 1.0:

  • dual heading for the use of several displays
  • Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and LINUX support (!!)
  • working on multiple documents
  • multiple automizations

Upcoming Features After  Version 1.0

Bitwig also announced features to be upcoming after version 1.0:

  • LAN multi-user jamming
  • multi-user music production via Internet
  • Native modular synthesizer/effects system


The Bitwig company has been founded by former Ableton developers in 2008. They are located in Berlin/Germany.

Closed Beta Test

Although there is no reliable information at the moment about release dates, you can apply here for a beta test starting soon.

More Information

» Bitwig on the net


Update [Jan 28, 2012]

Forum threads indicate there is a tiny chance that Ableton might sue Bitwig for cloning parts of Live’s GUI, in legal terms for violating the protection of registered designs.

[Apple] New Mac Books Out Now

We’ve all been expecting the release of the new series for the last few months. Mainly the MacBook Pro really needed a redesign. We feel like the displays look a bit like the LCDs manufactured by HP, but anyway those machines really look nice. Pricing might still feel like to to high in comparison to normal x86 Laptops. People on forums critisize that there is still no 11″ or 12″ on-the-road compatible machine. Anyway, four things are new with these Mac Books

  1. the 13″ MacBook model comes without firewire
  2. the case is laser cut in (almost) one piece.
  3. no real buttons but the special Glass Trackpad with corners assigned as buttons
  4. integrated graphics: NVIDIA 9400M combined with a 9600M GT switchable graphics chip

Prices vary at least between 1,300US$ and 2,000US$. You may find the new models on the US Apple store.

The german Golem.de got a vid showing how the manufacturing process of the cases is being done now (you may ask yourself – like we did – why the (asian?) faces of the factory workers are not being showed a single time). And Engagdet got a nice video showing the glass trackpad in action. Find both videos below.

Video is courtesy of Golem.de

Video is courtesy of Engadget.com

[Apple] Pictures of New Mac Book Series Leaked

Three days to go until the new Mac Books will be presented to the world. On YouTube a video appeared that either shows a well done fake or it really is the new Mac Book Aluminium series. As Apple does not like to see pictures or videos of their products before their official launch we will not embed the YouTube video here.

You may go to YouTube and search for “X6jsJfiENAs“… Don’t wonder the quality is very bad…