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[Muzaq] Universal Audio Annouces UAD-2 Octo

Universal Audio is stepping on. Producers who still thought the UAD-2 Quad’s power ain’t sufficient can soon get a UAD-2 Octo, thus effectively using 8 SHARC processors. Nuff powa foa de ppl ;-)

As a side effect of this step the prices for the rest of the UAD-2 family (PCIe and Satellite) are lowered. Entry price for the UAD-2 Octo is about 1,500€ (1,200 GBP). Distribution in Europe is expected to start between middle and end of October.

1. UAD-2 Starter Packages


Amount of

Entry Features

Street Prices

1. UAD-2 Solo (PCIe) 1
Compressors: LA-2A, 1176LN, 1176SE
EQ: Pultec EQP-1A
Reverb: RealVerb Pro
Channelstrip: CS-1
~ 300€
~ 240GBP
2. UAD-2 Duo (PCIe) or
UAD-2 Duo Satellite
see above
~ 700€
~ 560GBP
3. UAD-2 Quad (PCIe) or
UAD-2 Quad Satellite
see above
~ 1,000€
~ 800GBP
4. UAD-2 Octo (PCIe) 8
see above
~ 1,500€
~ 1,200GBP
5. UAD Apollo Duo 2
see above
~ 2,000€
~ 1,600GBP
6. UAD Apollo Quad 4
see above
~ 2,500€
~ 2,000GBP
7. UAD Apollo Thunderbolt Card -,-
Thunderbold Expansion Card for
Apollo Duo or Quad. In
comparison to Firewire Thunderbolt
reduces UAD plugin latency.
~ 500€
~ 400GBP

2. UAD-2 Custom Packages

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[Apple] New Mac Books Out Now

We’ve all been expecting the release of the new series for the last few months. Mainly the MacBook Pro really needed a redesign. We feel like the displays look a bit like the LCDs manufactured by HP, but anyway those machines really look nice. Pricing might still feel like to to high in comparison to normal x86 Laptops. People on forums critisize that there is still no 11″ or 12″ on-the-road compatible machine. Anyway, four things are new with these Mac Books

  1. the 13″ MacBook model comes without firewire
  2. the case is laser cut in (almost) one piece.
  3. no real buttons but the special Glass Trackpad with corners assigned as buttons
  4. integrated graphics: NVIDIA 9400M combined with a 9600M GT switchable graphics chip

Prices vary at least between 1,300US$ and 2,000US$. You may find the new models on the US Apple store.

The german Golem.de got a vid showing how the manufacturing process of the cases is being done now (you may ask yourself – like we did – why the (asian?) faces of the factory workers are not being showed a single time). And Engagdet got a nice video showing the glass trackpad in action. Find both videos below.

Video is courtesy of Golem.de

Video is courtesy of Engadget.com