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[Pre] Palm Pre Release Date for Germany

October 13th will be the day many people have been waiting for. The official iPhone competitor by Palm will be released in Germany. The Pre will be exclusively available from O2 Germany.

According to their latest information the Palm Pre will also be available without subscription for about 480€ (=700US$). There is currently no information about upcoming special Palm Pre O2 tariffs.

In Great Britain and Ireland the Pre will be released on october 16th.

In contrast to T-Mobile’s german iPhone tariffs, O2 Germany is gonna allow VoIP applications like Sipgate or Skype (via german Heise.de News).

[iPhone] Skype on iPhone with Fring



(pictures taken from the Fring Website!)

Fring enables the iPhone to:

  • use Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM
  • make calls over WiFi
  • do Internet Messaging chat over our WiFi internet connection

Currently this is a special release only, which is still being developed. But beta-testing is not restricted to a chosen community. We only need to have installer.app installed on our jailbreaked iPhone.

How to install:

  • open installer.app
  • under add sources, add this address http://fring.com/iphone.xml
  • in your installer a new category will appear called fring
  • this category contains the installer of fring
  • answer the quesion “This package comes from an untrusted source, it may be unsafe to install!” by just clicking the red “Install” button
  • you’re done

» fring’s press release


Fring ermöglicht es, mit dem iPhone:

  • Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM zu benutzen
  • mittels Voice over IP (VoIP) Gespräche über WLan zu führen
  • Internet Messaging (IM) Chat mittels WLan zu führen

Derzeit handelt es sich noch eine Beta-Version, jedoch ist deren Benutzung nicht beschränkt auf einen bestimmten Teilnehmerkreis. Wir benötigen lediglich die installer.app auf unserem ge-jailbreakten iPhone.

Wie man Frings installiert:

  • installer.app öffnen
  • unter add sources, diese Adresse hinzufügen http://fring.com/iphone.xml
  • im Installer wird die neue Kategorie fring erscheinen
  • in dieser Kategorie befindet sich das Installationsprogramm von fring
  • die Frage “This package comes from an untrusted source, it may be unsafe to install!” beantwortet man mit einem Klick auf den roten “Install” Button
  • fertig

» Fring’s Presse Erklärung