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[Pre] Palm Pre Release Date for Germany

October 13th will be the day many people have been waiting for. The official iPhone competitor by Palm will be released in Germany. The Pre will be exclusively available from O2 Germany.

According to their latest information the Palm Pre will also be available without subscription for about 480€ (=700US$). There is currently no information about upcoming special Palm Pre O2 tariffs.

In Great Britain and Ireland the Pre will be released on october 16th.

In contrast to T-Mobile’s german iPhone tariffs, O2 Germany is gonna allow VoIP applications like Sipgate or Skype (via german Heise.de News).

[e-Biz] T-Mobile vs. Sipgate: Court rules in Favor of T-Mobile

The higher regional court of Hamburg (Hamburger Oberlandesgericht) yesterday ruled in favor of T-Mobile. Sipgate is not allowed to promote or distribute its iPhone application that allowed Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony on jailbroken iPhones anymore.

The issue is not the application, but installing Sipgates VoIP client required to jailbreak the iPhone. And jailbreaking of T-Mobile’s customer’s iPhones is illegal in germany. By the way: jailbreaking of iPhones bought abroad is not.

[iPhone] Sigpate vs. T-Mobile: Court rules in Favour of Sipgate

As we’ve reported earlier this month, german T-Mobile sues german Sigpate. T-Mobile argued Sipgate encourages T-Mobile iPhone customers to break contracts when jailbreaking their iPhones in order to install Sipgate’s VoIP client.

Now Sipgate struck back. Sipgate argued, T-Mobile in Germany advertises unlimited use of Internet, but in reality limits the use to a certain amount of MBytes and certain applications only. T-Mobile for example explicitly permits use of VoIP clients, Instant Messenger apps and VPN clients (although being pre-installed) on their iPhones. In contrast to their advertisements T-Mobile in fact does not offer unlimited Internet access.

The Hamburg District Court (AZ 315 O 360/08) now ruled in favour of Sipgate. T-Mobile is disallowed to use the term unlimited internet access in their advertisements any more. In case of violation of this court’s rule T-Mobile will need to pay 250,000€ fine.

[iPhone] Is German T-Mobile about to bar Sipgate’s VoIP client?

It is rumored in german media, that T-Mobile is about to bar Sipgate’s application, that allows the iPhone to use Sipgate’s Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) services. T-Mobile argues Sipgate’s makes use of unfair business practices (like requiring to jailbreak in order to install Sipgate’s client) to pull customers from T-Mobile to Sipgate.