[iOS] Top Ten Cydia Apps

This Top Ten List is the MetaParadigma’s Editor’s choice of Apps available solely thru Cydia. Cydia is the alternative software distribution platform available to users, who have jailbroken their iDevices.

So you may ask: why jailbreaking anyway? Ain’t there enough software on the App Store?

Well, let’s answer this with another question: do you wanna have a fancy Gameboy like smartfone, for which Apple decides what allowed to be installed do you wanna have a handy pocket computer which you can configure completely?




Free or


1. Firewall
Security Hooks the network stack and grants access only to Apps, which you allowed. Can even be used as adblocker. Commercial saurik.com
2. xBackup Tool Backups Cydia-Apps and Settings of Cydia-Apps. Simplifies restoring Cydia-Apps after updating or after restoring to faculty settings. Commercial xsellize.com 
3. SBSettings Tools Allows to add tweaks to access certain functions much faster from the Springboard (i.e. Screen-Brightness, Hotspot on/off, Wi-Fi on/off, SSh on/off at a fingertip). Can easily be integrated into the notifications menu. Free saurik.com
4. iFile Tools File manager to access all files stored on the iDevice. Allows to send all types of files via eMail. Allows you to choose how to open certain files. Commercial saurik.com
5. PwnTunes Tools Tired of having to use iTunes to sync music or files w/ your iDevice? That time is over now. PwnTunes provides the user with folder once the iDevice gets attached to a PC/Mac. Just copy your mp3s, files and photos directly to the iDevice Commercial thebigboss.org
6. CyDialer Tools Make the iPhone a fon again and dial your favourites directly from the lockscreen. Commercial saurik.com
7. Winterboard Tool Allows theming the iOS GUI. May have the drawback of slowering down the system (reported for iPhone 4 and older). Free saurik.com
8. MobileVLC (VLC) Media
Plays many media formats. Free zodttd.com
9. Abaia Game Simply the best open-source chess game ever made. Free thebigboss.org
10. TV
Tube Sleep
Gimmick Just turns off your screen like an old TV tube Commercial thebigboss.org

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