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[iPhone] Edit Edge Settings under Firmware 1.1.4 and 2.0

Update 4: (November 27th, 2008): Another formerly fast way of editing has been reported to induce other issues and has thus been removed. Some links for Windows users have been updated. Update 3: (July 21st, 2008): Pwnage 2.0 tutorial for firmware 2.0 finished (see here). The way to reenable the EDGE settings is still applicable. […]

[iPhone] Update, Activate, Jailbreak, and Unlock Firmware 1.1.4

english iClarified just released a manual for jailbreaking, activating and unlocking firmware 1.1.4. Bootloader 3.9 seems to be required. They use a modified version of ZiPhone. I expect Zibri not to be happy with this. However this is not updating but recovering to 1.1.4 therefore I strongly recommend to do like iTunes recommends: to save […]

[iPhone] Rumors say SDK to be delayed (until march, 6th)

english Apple-Insider says analysts and journalists are invited to the “iPhone Software Roadmap” event on march, 6th. Since february is over by tomorrow it seems like the release of the SDK is delayed until then. Read their article here. german Im Golem Newsticker schreibt heute, dass Analysten und Journalisten eingeladen sind eine Veranstaltung namens “iPhone […]

[iPhone] Encyclopaedia Britannica iPhone Portal

english Encyclopaedia Britannica has optimized their side for use with the iPhone. Point your MobileSafari to and enjoy. Article first found on iPodNN… deutsch Die Betreiber der Encyclopaedia Britannica haben ein iPhone Portal aufgesetzt. Schaut mal mit dem MobileSafari unter Vielleicht kommt der Brockhaus ja auch noch auf diese Idee… Datentarif zu teuer? […]

[iPhone] Firmware 1.1.4, now unlockable – but be warned

english iNdependence 1.4 beta 5 has been released (Mac only). It now supports unlocking (gunlock method by GeoHot). You can get it here. However, the author of “Windows-Mobiles” has had some shocking bad experiences with updating and unlocking using iNdependence 1.4b5. You can read his article here. So prolly stick with whatever firm you got […]

[iPhone] Firmware 1.1.4, factory activation already possible

english A guy going by the name of “n000b” just released a patch for the lockdownd to set the iPhone to factory activated status. See details here. It has been confirmed to be working. Nevertheless: we would not recommend updating just now… deutsch Ein Junge namens “n00b” hat soeben einen Patch für die aktuelle in […]

[iPhone] Train your absolute pitch with “Karajan Music and Ear Trainer”

english Holger Meyer just released the software “Karajan Music and Ear Trainer” for the iPhone. It seems it has not been tested with the iPod Touch but should most likely work. You need to add this source address to your . Karajan can then be found under Multimedia (inside the Installer of course). […]

[iPhone] Update 1.1.4 available / Don’t use it until further notice

english Better don’t update just now. Rumors say the available update 1.1.4 can be jailbroken using the ZiPhone by Zibri but it has not yet been confirmed. The iNdependence Team just released an update that supports 1.1.4 (definitly without unlocking). Anyway there is no further information if a software unlock (still) works. So better don’t […]

[MacOS] Update to MacOS X 10.5.2 fails – One solution here

english So guys as written here on “Incomplete-News” there have been several cases in which the way Netkas described did not work and the system crashed after reboot again and again. To get into more detail: after having done all the steps Netkas described here your system hangs and it doesn’t matter what you do […]

[Muzaq] Free Drum and Bass Icon Grooverider via online Petition…

english “(..) Mr. Raymond Bingham, the celebrity Disk Jockey commonly known as “Grooverider” has been arrested in the United Arab Emirates by the possession of a small amount of the drug Cannabis (..)” Yes, well we all know this was no good idea of his. Anyway are these guys completely crazy to throw that Drum’n’Bass […]