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[iOS] iPhone 4 and the iOS 6.x firmwares

Abstract You are using an iPhone 4 and you coincidentally updated to iOS 6.1.3, which cannot be jailbroken at the moment. Since you saved the SHSH blobs you think you can restore by doing a replay APTicket attack with TinyUmbrella or Cydia. Sadly iTunes shows errors like 1600, 1601, 1602, 1604 etc. If you have […]

[iPhone] Train your absolute pitch with “Karajan Music and Ear Trainer”

english Holger Meyer just released the software “Karajan Music and Ear Trainer” for the iPhone. It seems it has not been tested with the iPod Touch but should most likely work. You need to add this source address to your . Karajan can then be found under Multimedia (inside the Installer of course). […]