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[Flash] Adobe Flash For Mobiles in 2nd Half Of 2010

Murdoch’s Fox TV has spoken to Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen. Besides talking about their intimacy to Apple, Narayen says Adobe Flash for mobile devices like Palm Pre or Android is coming in 2nd half of 2010.

Regarding Apple’s anti-flash position, Narayen said:

With respect to Apple, it really isn’t a technology decision as much as it is a business decision. And they’ve chosen to keep their system a proprietory and closed system, which it why they are not supporting Flash. And I think that this hurts customers.(..)

You’re gonna see phones that run the Android operating system from Google or the Palm operating system support the web in all its glory. (..)

And so what we think is that consumers will eventually vote for the experience that they want through their wallet.

Video is courtesy of Fox TV

[iPhone] The final Countdown until 3G

Two days left and counting… On friday 11th of july, eventually the iPhone 3G / UMTS will be released worldwide. In advance to that event leading companies in Germany and Switzerland announced to switch from different smartphone platforms to the iPhone

The conservative german publishing house Axel Springer said to migrate to Apple’s eco system within the next five years (read here) – this explicitly includes the staff’s use of the iPhone 3G. Aswell as Axel Springer the leading german bank company Deutsche Bank AG announced to switch from BlackBerry to the iPhone.

In 2007 France banned BlackBerry use by officials, because of feared snooping of state secrets by U.S. agencies. Although BlackBerry is a canadian product by Research in Motion, it was rumored by security experts that BlackBerry routed its traffic thru servers located in the U.S. and the U.K. (read MSNBC news here).