[MacOS] Parallels Desktop 4.0 released

Virtualization technologies on the Mac operating system reach a new step. Parallels Desktop’s most exciting feature that has been added is the possibility of virtualizing Mac OS Leopard Server and even Mac OS Snow Leopard.

More new features:

  • iPhone support: start, stop and manage Windows virtual machines from the iPhone
  • Anti Virus and Firewall: includes Kaspersky Internet Security for virtual Windows machines
  • Backup solution: includes Acronis True Image Home version

People having bought Parallels 3.0 since September 1st, 2008 are eligible for free update, otherwise an update fee of 49$ will apply (or 39$ if you order before November 30st, 2008).

» Parallels 4.0 features

One thought on “[MacOS] Parallels Desktop 4.0 released

  1. Beachball

    You didn´t mention the most usability-boosting feature: now, volumes can be mounted and accessed from different OSes simultaneously – that means no more unmounting and reassigning back and forth of cd roms, external hds and so on. Lovely!

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