[iPhone] Activate MMS on iPhone 2G? (Update)

Update July 04, 2009: MMS now works, MMS server settings are getting saved with the help of some (more or less complicated) tricks. We’re currently prepping a fool proof step-by-step tutorial for all of you. We recommend to not play around with those settings at the moment to not screw up settings worse. Tutorial will be up on Monday. Please wait until then. Thanks for your attention.

Update July 05, 2009: Wanna know how to enable MMS on iPhone 2G? Find our definitive MMS on iPhone 2G HowTo here


Since SwirlyMMS has been released last year we know the iPhone 2G is capable to send MMS. Anyway with their newest update Apple makes MMS available only for 3G and 3Gs customers. They say it is hardware related. This is not the case.

What has been found

It was quite logical that some people would be starting to investigate and research into the MMS feature sooner or later. Now an application has been released through Cydia that claims to unlock MMS capability for the iPhone 2G. It is called ActivateMMS2G and it is distributed on the iSpazio repository. Anyway we recommend not to install it as of now. to read our definitive MMS on iPhone 2G HowTo here.

Current Status

The status is almost alpha. Most forum reports indicate these issues:

  • MMS settings are not getting stored if they differ from the EDGE settings (occurs on any iPhone)
  • iPhone does not restart (rarely reported)
  • Camera symbol is not shown in Messages.app (often reported)

Our Recommendation

Don’t misunderstand us, but this is deeply alpha. If you really want MMS on your iPhone 2g, get yourself SwirlyMMS. It is much safer than tempering with ported hacks from 3G iPhones to 2G iPhones. SwirlyMMS is currently getting ported to iPhone OS 3.0. then follow our definitive MMS on iPhone 2G HowTo here.

4 thoughts on “[iPhone] Activate MMS on iPhone 2G? (Update)

  1. Diego

    The MMS settings problem is actually the only real problem and can be very simply fixed with this simple page: http://unlockit.co.nz/ I was going crazy until I found it.

    The iPhone does not restart if you install the patch on an iPhone 3G

    Camera symbol appears after a second restart of the phone

  2. mr. djax

    no go. activatemms2g not works me.

    5x restart no camera symbol
    in settings menu no switch that enable mms.

    uninstalls then reinstallet and restarted, and restarted, and restarted… no menu, no kamera icon.

    manuallly edit mms settings in mobile data network (old edge menu): mms settings change not saved when leaved the menu and come back.

    I install ibluetooth like some people say. But also no go. Friend of me with original T-Mobile (no iphone tarif) also not works.

    i use Callmobile germany (reseller of T-Mobile) but no mms works here.

    @diego: which carrier do you use?

  3. Lawrence

    I wanted to say after awhile of trying and having to restore my phone I finally got it to work the only thing is the picture is sent clear but when it is resent to me the picture is so blurry I can’t even see what can be done about this.

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