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[iPhone] Virus Worm Spreading on Jailbroken iPhones

Apple must be pleased about this news. They haven’t become tired in telling the people that jailbreaking the iPhone seriously compromises user security. And now a worm developed by Ashley Towns from down under is nothing else but attacking jailbroken iPhones whose Secure Shell has not been disabled or where the default root password (“alpine”) […]

[Virus] First Mac Zombies in iBotnet

In their latest “Virus Bulletin” Symantec employees report that obviously the first Mac OS based botnet has appeared. They call it the iBotnet. Two trojan malwares could be identified as: OSX.Iservice OSX.Iservice.B Technique The trojans aim at gaining the user password or the root password – depending on what configuration you’re running. By default the […]

[Virus] Virus.Win32.Gpcode.ak reported in the wild

Abstract Yes viruses are spread around the world every day. There is nothing new to this. But the GPCODE virus that now has been reported in the wild is different. It encrypts files on your harddisk and permanently deletes the old files. In the end you would need to contact the virus author to be […]