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[iPhone] Apple to present iPhone OS 3.0 feature’s tomorrow

The News

According to several U.S. journalists, Apple will present the iPhone firmware 3.0 tomorrow. As of now there are some rumors, that it eventually will contain:

  • MMS
  • Bluetooth and USB Tethering
  • Copy and Paste


As a normal cell fon user you may ask if this is really worth the  news, since both MMS and tethering is standard in almost any 10US$ cell. Well you are right. But this is the Apple world. Apple knows by including these features their clan of fanboys will immediately be satisfied. The internet will be immediately full of flames if anyone utters criticism. Anyway we don’t believe it will have all those three features. It will have one. Firmware 4.0 will than have another of these and so on.

And there is still the question of Sun Java or Adobe Flash. What about these? Will we have them in firmware 8.0 or never? We really like the iPhone’s UI. It definitely brought the mobile internet thing major steps forward, but we expect the iPhone’s time is up. We currently recommend to not buy an iPhone or GPhone, but wait for the Palm Pre with WebOS.

Did you know the Palm Pre is beeing developed by the former Apple iPod creator Jon Rubinstein?

[iPhone] Nullriver’s Netshare remains banned from AppStore

Nullriver reports, their tethering software Netshare remains banned from Apple’s official AppStore. Netshare allowed MacOS X users to use the iPhone as a wireless modem to connect to the internet. While most of  nowadays’ cell phones include such functionality, the iPhone still doesn’t.

Besides Nullriver many other developers critisize Apple’s AppStore policies for being too vage. In the past weeks Apple banned several Apps or even disallowed them in the first place. Apple argued the banned apps had a limited value of benefit for the AppStore customers. Developers argue Apple doesn’t want real competition.