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[iPhone] iPhone 3G sold out in Germany

While the iPhone 3G has just been launched in France (we reported here), in Germany T-Mobile must be quite content, because iPhones over here are completely sold out. Currently it is not clear, when new iPhones can be delivered by Apple. T-Mobile needed to set some thousand customer orders pending. T-Mobile said they already sold […]

[iPhone] Is German T-Mobile about to bar Sipgate’s VoIP client?

It is rumored in german media, that T-Mobile is about to bar Sipgate’s application, that allows the iPhone to use Sipgate’s Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) services. T-Mobile argues Sipgate’s makes use of unfair business practices (like requiring to jailbreak in order to install Sipgate’s client) to pull customers from T-Mobile to Sipgate.

[iPhone] T-Mobile to sell iPhone 3G for 1Euro

T-Mobile will subsidize the iPhone 3G. They just announced to sell the new UMTS 3G iPhone for just 1€, if bought with a two year lasting contract for 89€. With a contract for 29€/month the price for the iPhone will be 169€. As a loyalty bonus to clients who bought the “old” iPhone, the new […]

[iPhone] 16GB wieder lieferbar in Deutschland

english The delivery bottleneck is over here in Germany. The 16GB version of the iPhone is available again, but can just be bought online. It is not deliverable in T-Mobile shops. No matter which subscription plan you prefer, the price is €499 (~ $790). Isn’t this a real bargain? » iPhone subscription plans in Germany […]