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[Games] GTA IV with heavy Issues on ATI Graphic Cards

The PC version of the long awaited game Grand Theft Auto IV has yesterday been released to the european markets. First tests show the game is as outstanding as its console versions, released earlier this year. Anyway forums are full of bug reports by people using ATI based graphic cards. The game crashs even before it gets started. NVidia users also report issues, but at least it starts after some starting attempts.

The german Gamestar.de is currently doing a poll. This poll (with currently n=4787) shows that about 75% of the users experiencing heavy issues like permanent crashes. Only 5% say GTA runs seamless without issues.

You may rethink your Chrismas wishlist at this time. What about a Playstation 3? Besides the fact that the game plays wonderful on that device, it’s also got a Bluray/DVD/mp3/Xvid/DivX player included ;-)