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[iPhone] Windows QuickPwn 2.1 Released

Eventually the iPhone Dev Team released QuickPwn 2.1 for Windows. They really don’t seem to sleep never. It supports firmware 2.1. It jailbreaks, activates and unlocks iPhone 2G devices and jailbreaks iPhone 3G. It sadly still does not unlock iPhone 3G. Using is very straightforward. Kudos to the Dev Team :-)

» Download QuickPwn here (sha1 f8124d0e8f31f64ef3272de8fbc679e1dd1f93a7)

[iPhone] iPhone 3G confirmed unlocked using SIM Adapter X-SIM

There were some rumors two days ago (we reported here), that the Brasil based company DesbloqueioBr.com.br unlocked the iPhone 3G by using a SIM proxy adapter. Today a confirmation comes from Vietnam. Two well known guys from the vietnamese forum GSM.com.vn going by the nicks TA_Mobile and Immb published some photographs showing a SIM proxy solution named X-SIM. However it requires an activated iPhone to unlock.

For those of you being capable of reading (and understanding) the original Vietnamese forum messages: this link is for you. All the others: enjoy the pictures here.

Congrats to Vietnam!!!