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[e-Biz] Mac Clone Supplier Psystar sued by Apple

Eventually Apple sues Psystar for having broken license terms and having committed copyright infringement of MacOS X 10.5 Leopard and Leopard Server. Psystar offers PCs pre-installed with MacOS X Leopard. As reported in german media Apple claims these points: Psystar may have broken Apple’s license terms that allow installing MacOS X Leopard only on […]

[e-Biz] Psystar offers OpenPro (Mac Pro Clone)

english We just yesterday reported, that the Miami based company Psystar Corporation began to offer Mac Clones. Since yesterday the name changed from “OpenMac” to “Open Computer”. We don’t have information if this is due to legal demands coming from Apple, but besides that: Psystar now also offers a MacPro clone – going under the […]

[e-Biz] Psystar offers Mac Clone (OpenMac)

english The Miami, USA based company Psystar Corporation is the first to have a heart to build Mac Clones and sell them. Psystar is selling a model called OpenMac. Psystar obviously managed to put an EFI (extended firmware interface) onto the BIOS of a standard motherboard to emulate the EFI commands in Apple OS X. […]