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[Windows] HowTo configure Kaspersky for News Client Access

Abstract Running news clients with the built-in Windows Firewall, you will usually get fullspeed when accessing the usenet. Problems occur when you use All-in-One Internet-Firewall-and-Virus-Scan solutions. Since Virus-Scanners and Firewalls tend to scan all the network traffic with heuristic algorithms, scanning may slow down internet (and usenet) access. The following article demonstrates how to configure […]

[MacOS] Read HFS+ Drives and DMG Images on Windows

english As a dualbooter you are often confronted with the problem that you just saved a file on the other system. While being on OS X this is not a too big problem since you can at least access those NTFS (read only) and Fat32 (read/write support) drives. But being confronted with Microsoft Windows you […]