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[Windows] Kaspersky Internet Security Kills Vista 64

An update that has been distributed yesterday is likely to be the cause for sudden blue screens on Windows Vista 64bit. The yesterday update forces the user to restart, but after restarting, Windows Vista64 customers report that their system would not boot anymore. Instead a blue screen of death was shown.

Although the problem should be fixed now, many users still cannot boot. What you can do, if your system still hangs:

  • boot into Safe Mode (hit F8 when Window begins to boot after the BIOS messages)
  • click Start -> all Programs -> Kaspersky Internet Security

  • right click on Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 to Run As Administrator
  • Click Update and choose to Rollback to previous Databases
  • Wait some secs to some minutes for the rollback to perform
  • you may change the Update mode (from automatically to manually). But we’ve heard everything is under control again. So this step is not necessary.
  • Reboot your system


[Windows] HowTo configure Kaspersky for News Client Access


Running news clients with the built-in Windows Firewall, you will usually get fullspeed when accessing the usenet. Problems occur when you use All-in-One Internet-Firewall-and-Virus-Scan solutions. Since Virus-Scanners and Firewalls tend to scan all the network traffic with heuristic algorithms, scanning may slow down internet (and usenet) access. The following article demonstrates how to configure the widely spread Kaspersky Internet Security to allow fullspeed access to the usenet.


We assume you know how to setup your news client and you already installed Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS).

Setting up KIS

Open up your KIS and do the following:

  • click the Settings Button (see picture)
  • on the next window click the Threats and Exclusions Button (see picture)
  • on the next window click the Add Button (see picture)
  • on the next window click the Do not scan network traffic Checkbox (see picture) and then click the Browse Button to choose your News Client (see picture).

Then save your settings and restart your News Client application and you’re done.

More questions? Don’t hesitate to ask below. Thanks for your attention :-)