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[iPhone] Swisscom to Offer iPhone 3G as Prepaid Mobile Phone

For all the people around the world, who desperately wanna get that new gadget called iPhone 3G, this is good news. Swisscom – (attention pleonasm) the swiss carrier – announced to offer the iPhone 3G with a prepaid contract. Using a prepaid tariff, prices for the iPhone 3G will vary from 519 CHF (=510 US$, =325€) for the 8GB version to 619 CHF (=610US$, =385€) for the 16GB version.

Anyway it has been confirmed that Swisscom’s iPhone will definitely be SIM-locked to the Swisscom network. Since nobody actually knows how to circumvent the new bootloader (only a few people just got their hands on a new iPhone) – we recommend not to buy an iPhone 3G early after release.